is a manufacturer and turn-key solution provider of off-site modular construction for multifamily developers.

RMOD simplifies the entire development process
to deliver cost-effective, superior quality,
modular built multifamily homes with certainty and speed.

Superior Solutions
through Standardization

RMOD combines all the benefits of off-site modular construction with a fully integrated on-site/off-site pre-development process. RMOD’s unique pre-engineered/pre-designed multifamily modules form the basis of the building, and endless building configurations with a catalog of interior and exterior finishes allow for full customization.


This greatly reduces inception-to-completion timelines, development costs, and client coordination efforts while delivering high-value, superior, low-to-mid-rise multifamily building solutions. RMOD’s experienced development team, geographically disbursed manufacturing capabilities and best-in-class architects, engineers and consultants combine to deliver Superior Standardized Solutions anywhere in the world.


For developers experienced in modular construction projects with their own pre-development team, RMOD will onboard and provide oversight to ensure complete integration while also fulfilling the role of modular manufacturer, transporter, and set/connect contractor.

Multi-family developers have long been
looking for ways to lower costs & build faster

RMOD is the solution.

Modular Manufacturing | Unique Turn-Key Services

RMOD Turn-key Services

Offering a single point of contact with dedicated project management from inception to completion, whether with your pre-development team or ours, RMOD ensures a seamless delivery process from beginning to end with full integration of on-site and off-site scopes

Pre-development Services


  • Experienced in-house development team
  • Network of best-in-class architects, engineers and consultants
  • Comprehensive budgets and schedules that cover entire project
  • Permit expediting and approvals for both on-site and off-site scopes
  • Modular specific financing solutions as needed
  • Onsite General Contractor Selection Services



  • Detailed coordination plans in sync with on-site scope and schedules
  • Transportation planning and implementation
  • Site staging, security and insurance

Turn-key Installation


  • Extensive pre-planning process
  • Specialized set and connect crew that focuses exclusively on modular installations
  • Full on-site integration and coordination with General Contractor

RMOD Manufacturing

The manufacturing of RMOD's pre-engineered/pre-designed modules is achieved through joint ventures with three of the most prominent steel modular manufacturers in the world. Our partners simply build our standardized products, and with a combined annual capacity of 12,000 modules, RMOD delivers high quality modules, with fast turn-around times and at minimal cost.

RMOD Mexico

With RMOD nearing completion of its own state of the art 300,000 sqft facility on a 7 acre site in Baja California just 30 minutes from the US border, RMOD will independently have the capacity to provide 4,000 modules per year. Along with the JV partners, our team is positioned to provide significant global production capacity with dependability, and consistency, with minimal lead times

RMOD Modular Applications

  • Market Rate Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Student Housing
  • Co-living Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Workforce Housing
  • Permanent Supportive Housing