By focusing on one project type and combining a unique delivery process with the best-in-class team, RMOD provides cost-effective, expeditious modular solutions with superior quality.


Full On-site/Off-site Integration

Our team has decades of conventional and modular construction experience to deliver a seamless and fully-integrated execution of your projects


Maximized Speed-to-Market

Our compressed pre-development schedule combined with inherent modular construction efficiencies enable us to deliver your project to the market in up to 50% of the time compared to conventional construction


Experienced Development Team

Throughout the entire project, our development team is here to help


Turn-key Solutions

Provide us your site plan and entitlements information and we’ll manage everything from pre-development through setting/connecting our modules onsite


Significant Capacity

With manufacturing partners around the world and our in-house facility, we have the capacity to deliver your project expeditiously


Pre-engineered / Pre-designed Modules

Simply select the modules, work with our team to configure the building(s) and customize your interior and exterior finishes


Module Versatility

Our precision steel-framed modules can be stacked to exceed the 5-stories of wood-framed modules, providing your project with maximum density and ROI


Design Optionality

With multiple room layouts, customizable interiors, unlimited building configurations and an array of exterior finishes, no two projects need to look the same


Maximized Cost Savings And Certainty

Pre-engineered/pre-designed modules, a focus on just one product type and repetitive production eliminates non-elective change orders on 60%-80% of your project costs


Team Selection And Training

We’ll help select your architect and general contractor or help train them in modular processes to ensure project success


Financing Support

Our in-house financing team can advise on available incentives and credits while also helping you build your capital stack specific to a modular project



Less material waste, no weather impacts offsite, increased sustainability, safer working conditions and no reduction in off-site productivity due to social distancing and sanitization requirements